Why Are Woodpeckers Pecking On My House?

Woodpecker Damage Control

Woodpecker Damage

There are a variety of reasons why a woodpecker would peck on your house. One of their favorite foods is termites and they will peck into the walls to get to them. Often they know the termites are there before the home owner does. We recommend getting a professional termite inspection if you’ve had ongoing woodpecker activity and/or damage.The inspection is not expensive and we have a couple of excellent termite companies we can refer you to if you need it. They also like the foam that is behind your stucco to use as a nesting material. Sometimes they just need to sharpen their beaks. And of course there’s the age old song of love: male woodpeckers like to make plenty of noise so the lady woodpeckers know he’s there.

Woodpeckers do not actually eat the wood or stucco that they are drumming on. They are simply removing it to get to whatever it is they are after. Studies show that about half of the time they will move on within a couple of weeks. The other half of the time they can wreak some havoc on your house – and fairly quickly. Regardless of why they’re pecking on your house, the damage woodpeckers cause is real and should be stopped as soon as possible. Since they are protected, professional woodpecker control is usually needed.
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