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Why Do I Have Bugs If I Keep My House Clean? | Goldshot Exterminating

Why do I have bugs when I keep my house clean?

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If you have Ants in your house or yard we can help. We have a variety of products and services that we can utilize, depending on the species and where they are infesting.

Obviously critters such as roaches and ants are looking for a food source. But what many folks don’t realize is that they are also looking for water. And roaches are so easily transported from one place to another that it is easy to bring them home with you. Ants often nest under the foundation of your home so you don’t even know they’re there until they’re marching across your kitchen counter. Sometimes ants and roaches, as well as some other critters, come up from the sewer line. A dirty home is not a prerequisite to having a roach or ant problem, so put the Pine-sol away and call Goldshot!

Our team of Licensed & Pre-Screened Pest Pros offer a variety of pest control services in Surprise Arizona and throughout the metro Phoenix AZ area. 1-time, monthly, quarterly – whatever fits your needs and budget. You don’t have to live with bugs. Call or fill out the contact form below for a free quote and a pest free home or business.

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