What Is Digging Holes In My Yard?

Call Goldshot Exterminating for all of your Animal and Wildlife Control Services needs.

Call Goldshot Exterminating for all of your Animal and Wildlife Control Services needs.

Rabbits and Kangaroo Rats will dig out shallow divots in the ground to lay in. It can be common along the foundation of your home or next to out buildings on your property. You can also find that under bushes sometimes. However, they don’t dig very deep or do much actual damage to the landscaping. When folks ask “what is digging holes in my yard?”, it’s usually pocket gophers. There are also ground squirrels and the occasional mole that can do damage here in the valley, too.

Regardless of which critter it is, they can all make a mess of your yard. They’ll kill your plants, ruin your lawn and can nibble into underground water lines. And their holes can undermine the integrity of the ground beneath your ground-mounted A/C units, cement sidewalks, etc. We recently got a call from a lady who raises horses. Her most valuable stud stepped into a gopher hole and broke his leg, ending his career. As with most critters, the longer rodents are allowed to do their thing, the more of them there will be. That usually means more rodent damages, as well. In general terms, rodent problems should be taken care of ASAP, whether it’s an inside problem or an outside one.

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