How does a home seal help with scorpion control?

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There are 43 known species of scorpions found in Maricopa County. Only one of these – the bark scorpion – is able to climb up a vertical surface. As a result, it is almost always the species that is found inside of homes and other structures. This species of Scorpion is most comfortable in dark, narrow spaces such as wall voids and crawl spaces. Every structure has gaps and crevices that allow access to the inside and to these void space areas of the building. So, how does scorpion sealing help with scorpion control? When a home seal is done correctly and with the correct products, most of these gaps and crevices are blocked or sealed off. That makes it much harder for scorpions to find their way into the structure.  Of course, this also applies to other critters such as spiders, crickets, etc.

A well done home seal by Goldshot Exterminating helps keep scorpions out, but it also helps keep cold air in. The result is lower energy costs which means that it will eventually pay for itself. It will also lower the amount of dust that gets in to the home. An added bonus is a reduction in pesticide use inside of the home as it pertains to your scorpion control program.

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