Wasps Around The Pool Syndrome

We can handle all of your Wasps and Wasp Control needs. Whether you're in Surprise, Glendale, Peoria, Sun City West or throughout most of the Metro Phoenix AZ area, we've got you covered.It’s perfect tanning weather outside. Kinda hot, very sunny, an ever so slight breeze blowing. You have an iced cold glass of tea, your suntan lotion and some tunes and you’re ready for some down time. You park yourself by the pool and exhale. It’s not long before you realize the good ‘ol American past time of wasp around the pool syndrome. Why are they there and what do they want? Must they have stingers THAT big? How can I get rid of them, you ask?

Well, they re most likely just hanging around for the water. If there are flowers close by it would be the perfect situation for wasps. Bees will sometimes hang around the pool for the water too, tho wasps are more common. The good news is that they aren’t there to harass you. You’re just in their way. Unfortunately, your options for relief are limited. Here is the short list of what you can do to help limit a problem with wasps around the pool:

Remedies for Wasps Hanging Around The Pool:

  • Make sure that the water is in the pool and not everywhere else. Water that pools up on the cool deck or in the lawn or garden is more accessible and a big draw for wasps.
  • Keep flowering plants away from the pool area. If there is pollen close by wasps have two reasons to hang around.
  • Try to keep sugary food sources such as sodas, candy, fruit or hummingbird feeders away from the pool area.
  • Wear a red bathing suit. Wasps are attracted to the colors white and yellow, but cannot see red.
  • Avoid the use of aftershave, cologne or perfume if you know you’ll be outside.
  • Plant mint around your pool area. It is believed that wasps do not like mint. Put a fresh sprig in your tea, too!
  • The use of a water agitator make help as it makes it difficult for wasps to get to the surface.
  • There are some commercial wasp traps that can be used, but they must be used correctly to be effective. We recommend a professional exterminator for this task.
  • Wasps also don’t like eucalyptus oil, so try using an oil diffuser close to where you’re hanging out.
  • One of the most important steps to limit wasps around the pool syndrome is to remove any nearby wasps nests. If they are nesting close by you will absolutely have to interact with them. We recommend a professional exterminator for wasp nest removal and control.
  • Of course, there are insect repellent sprays available, tho we prefer not to use them.

The last thing you want to do is to start swatting at wasps when they buzz you. They can not only become aggressive but can bring friends to the fight, too. And, uh, THEY STING! The best thing to do if nothing else works is to calmly just walk away. And call Goldshot Exterminating for a Licensed & Pre-Screened Wasp Pro!

Bees can be a pain when you’re trying to swim, too! Call Goldshot Exterminating if you need help with bees around the pool.

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