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If you have a problem with Birds on your Building we have a solution for you. Call for a free inspection and firm price quote: 623-388-0303.We Know How To Get Rid Of Birds!
Information about Bird Control & Removal Services in the Metro Phoenix AZ area
Got bird poop? Goldshot Exterminating offers the best bird control services available anywhere – period. Putting together the correct control program for any given bird problem probably seems like a crap shoot to most folks. That’s why it’s just about always better to have a professional take a look rather than handle it yourself. First of all, check out their online reputation and make sure they have a good track record. You should also get your all of questions about bird control services answered. Finally, choose the bird control company that you believe will actually solve your bird problem. Pest bird control is not the best thing you should try to save a few bucks on. We are often the 3rd or 4th bird control services company that our customer has hired. So saving money the first couple of times usually ends up costing more in the end. Check out our online reputation here: Goldshot Exterminating on Google

Offering bird and pigeon control services for commercial, industrial and residential properties throughout the metro Phoenix AZ area including:

Effective, Humane Bird Control & Removal Services Done Right
Pest bird problems can damage your home or business and absolutely drive you crazy! Their feces also presents a health hazard for you and your family. So if you have a bird problem, spray down your house and have your carpets cleaned on a regular basis so you’re not breathing it. A pest bird infestation will also lower the value of your property. Who wants to buy a place covered in bird poop?

Fortunately you don’t have to live with it, Phoenix. We know how to get rid of birds so no matter how bad your bird problem is, call Goldshot Exterminating. Nobody in the Metro Phoenix area offers better bird control & removal services. We handle residential, commercial and industrial bird control products and services and have thousands of happy customers. No job is too big or too complicated. And we’ve performed all of that work without a single HOA or BBB complaint! Nobody can match our track record and we dare you to compare our work to that of any other bird control services company. Ours looks better and works better and that’s just a fact. We have over 28 years in business and thousands of references to prove it!

If you have Birds under your Solar Panels call Goldshot for a free quote. We use a special PVC coated mesh and guarantee our work. And cleaning is included with every Bird Control job!

If you have Birds under your Solar Panels call Goldshot for a free quote. We use a special PVC coated mesh and guarantee our work. And cleaning is included with every Bird Control job!

We only use humane, high quality bird control products and services including bird spikes, traps, repellents, netting, our electric pigeon abatement system and much more. We’re also the ONLY company that we know of that offers a whole roof PIGEON-FREE warranty! Nobody else in the bird control industry does what we do and we take a lot of pride in that. We give you a free site inspection and a custom-designed solution that’s perfect for your Phoenix area home or business. We’ll explain everything in writing and can provide plenty of references upon request. Since nothing POOPS like a pigeon, POOP REMOVAL IS INCLUDED WITH EVERY JOB!, including if the birds are under your solar panels. And if it’s a woodpecker problem you’re dealing with, the woodpecker damage repairs are included in most cases.

So don’t waste your time and money on stuff that don’t work. Call, text or email the bird control experts at Goldshot Exterminating today for your FREE site inspection and price quote. Or fill out this Contact From and get $50 off of any bird control service or installation if you hire us!

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