It’s Rodent Season. Are You Ready?

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Although mice, rats, gophers and squirrels are active all year in the Metro Phoenix area, the probability of rodent/human interaction goes up significantly in the fall and winter each year. Why do there seem to be more mice and rats in the fall and winter? Because it’s getting cooler at night so mice and rats are looking for a warm, safe spot to set up shop for the winter. And your attic is pretty tempting.

Think about it: an attic is much warmer than the outside environment and it comes fully furnished with lots of soft, warm insulation for the whole family. There’s protection from predators and a virtual smorgasbord of food and water available downstairs every night – as soon as those inconvenient humans go to sleep. What’s not to like? You may hear scratching in the attic or walls. Or some folks describe it as a ‘track meet’ in the attic. Of course with mice and rats, there’s always the possibility of finding their droppings just about anywhere. Their population can grow fairly quickly and, if left undisturbed, can develop into a legitimate critter problem in no time at all.

So what’s a body to do? Be vigilant. Look for evidence of a problem. Check often in places like the garage (especially behind and under stuff), under the sinks and in the pantry for droppings, urine or ‘rub marks’ which are caused when a rodent frequents an area on a regular basis. Rodents don’t poop like pigeons (nothing does!), but they poop a lot and often.Often the 1st sign is finding something that’s been chewed up, such as a bag of dog food or bird seed. And then there’s those odd noises that seem to be coming from the walls or attic. Don’t blow them off – it could be a visitor chewing on the electric wiring in your home.

If you find any evidence of a rodent infestation you need to take action immediately. Make sure trees do not hang over the home or touch it in any way. Good old fashioned snap traps baited with peanut butter is almost always effective – if used the correct way. There are also baits available over the counter. They should be used with caution and always within the instructions and specifications found on the label. I highly recommend exclusion work specifically for rodents such as screening off all of the exhaust and plumbing vents on the roof. Unless you’re experienced in that area, a professional exterminator who knows what they’re doing may be the way to go. Get a referral from a friend or family member and always check them out online: the Better Business Bureau and online reviews can tell you a lot about how they conduct business.

I hope this article raises your awareness and helps you to prevent a potential rodent problem from getting out of control. If you need a professional exterminator and you’re located in the Phoenix area I hope you’ll consider the Goldshot Exterminating team of AZDA Licensed & Pre-Screened Rodent Control Pros as your rodent control solution. Happy hunting!
John H. Goldshot
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