Does Goldshot do termite treatment and control?

Valleywide Termite and Pest Control IncTermite treatment and control services can be expensive and confusing. Should I choose this product or that treatment? Is the extended warranty necessary and is it worth the money? Which company can I trust to do what they say they are going to do and for the price they promised? Heck, do I actually even have termites?? Purchasing termite protection is something that’s out of most folks comfort zone, but I have great news: our team of Licensed & Pre-Screened Termite Pros has the information and the solutions you need and we’ve fully vetted them for you up front.

The problem is that there are just so many dishonest termite companies out there and plenty that just aren’t very good at it. You’ve been able to trust Goldshot Exterminating since 1991 and today’s no different. Get a free termite inspection and, if necessary, a treatment quote from a Termite Pro that WE trust. And you’ll get an extra $50 OFF if you use this contact form:

We Also Have Fully Vetted & Licensed Bird Pros, Too: