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10 Reasons Why You Should Get Rid Of Pigeons On Your Roof | Goldshot Exterminating

Our Top 10 Reasons You Should Get Rid Of Pigeons

Pigeon Poop Removal Phoenix AZIt’s simple: if you have pigeons living or even just hanging around on your roof you absolutely should get rid of them – now, if not sooner. And here’s a few of our favorite reasons why:

  1. Embarrassment. Pigeon poop is embarrassing – it’s just that simple.
  2. They pro-create quickly. What starts out a a couple of pigeons turns into a whole community in no time. They mate for life and have up to eight broods per year. That’s 16 new pigeons from each couple every year. Do the math…..
  3. Your roof: Pigeon poop is acidic and is very hard on your roof. We’ve done hundreds of pigeon control jobs that were referred to us by roofing companies. There’s no sense in spending a small fortune fixing your roof if you don’t get rid of what caused the roof leak in the first place.
  4. Noise: Pigeons make some weird noises, don’t they? And it seems that it’s always extra loud when you get to sleep in…..
  5. Your pool: If pigeons are hanging around your pool and/or the rock features then you are swimming in their toilet. Awesome!
  6. Solar Panels: More specifically,  Pigeons under solar panels. Pigeons love living under the roof mounted panels. And, of course, they poop. A lot. On, under and around the solar panels. The poop damages the panels and makes them less efficient than they are designed to be.
  7. Their nests: They make their nests out of a few twigs and a lot of poop. And they nest right on top of their dead. It’s fairly common to find bugs, larvae, ants, etc in well established pigeon nests.
  8. Your health: Pigeons poop. A lot. And as it accumulates it also dries out and becomes a dust or powder. Once it reaches this dry state it’s extremely ‘movable’. Therefore it is a constant part of the air supply in and around that structure. So if pigeons are on your roof, you are breathing their poop.
  9. Their poop harbors many different diseases and parasites. So, when you breathe their poop, you and your family are at risk of being exposed to those diseases and parasites.
  10. Property values. A neighborhood that has a real pigeon problem is just not as valuable as one that doesn’t. That’s no surprise as nobody in their right mind wants to live in pigeon poop.

So when you get tired of the pigeon poop, fill out this contact form and we’ll give you a free inspection/quote and up to $50 off if you hire us. Cleaning is included with every job and we guarantee all of our work. Our team of AZDA Licensed Pigeon Pros offers pigeon control and removal services throughout the metro Phoenix AZ area including Glendale, the Sun Cities, Gilbert, Scottsdale, etc.

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I hope this article helps you understand why it’s so important to get rid of your pigeons asap. And I hope you’ll consider Goldshot Exterminating as your pigeon control solution. As always: Happy Hunting!

John H. Goldshot
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