Does Heat Treatment
Work To
Get Rid Of Bed Bugs?

Personally, I prefer the bed bug heat treatment over a straight up chemical treatment. I also think that in some cases it should be augmented with a pesticide application and that decision should be made by a licensed, experienced pest control professional. But, overall, the heat treatment will greatly mitigate the need for pesticides when getting rid of bed bugs and that’s a very good thing. I’m not crazy about using any more pesticides inside of the home than necessary, but that is especially true when we’re talking about a pest problem that manifests itself in and around your bed. And I think that the bed bug mattress covers that have come out over the past few years should be a part of every bed bug control program, period.

The first step, though, is to have an inspection done by a company that will be honest and give you the straight poop:) So if you’re waking up with bites on your body or blood stains on your bedding, it could be bed bugs. If it is, you won’t get sick from the bites but you will need professional bed bug treatment. Fill out this contact form to set up your free inspection with our team of Licensed & Pre-Screened Bed Bug Pest Pros and we’ll knock $50 off if you hire us – just mention $50 off!

Speaking of poop: a lot of folks are living with some sort of critter poop on or in their homes every day. Two of the bigger poop problems are pigeons and bats. Did you that we also have both Goldshot Pigeon Pros and Goldshot Bat Pros¬†on our team, too? Don’t live with poop – get a free quote today.

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