Do Roaches Really Come Up From The Sewer?

Pest Control Services Surprise AZYes – sometimes. The larger species of roaches such as the American, Oriental or Turkistanish Roaches are often referred to as sewer roaches. However, they are more likely to come from the outside. They like dark moist places such as the foundation of your home or a planter. They usually make their way inside under a door but can also come up through the sewer. All plumbing fixtures have a gooseneck in the pipe to hold water which blocks gases, fumes and bugs from coming up the empty pipes. One thing that a home owner can do to help is to run water down any drains that do not get used on a regular basis, keeping the gooseneck full. It’s a cheap, easy solution that will keep them from coming up if they are in the sewer lines. So next time you’re thinking ‘Do roached really come up from the sewer?’, turn all of your faucets on and count to 20. You’ll sleep better.

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