Bees In The Same Place Again?

For Bee Control Services done right, call Goldshot Exterminating. We've done 1000's of Bee Control Services since 1991.

We’ve done 1000’s of Bee Control Services since 1991.

It’s fairly¬†common for folks to have a re-infestation of bees in the same place again. Any reputable bee control service should guarantee their work for at least 30 days so if it happens within that time frame call the company who did the work back out. Bee¬†control isn’t an exact science, so it does happen – even to the best of us. If the location was treated with the correct products you shouldn’t see a re-infestation during the same season, though that’s not absolutely written in stone. But if it’s been 60 days or more don’t blame your bee control professional. It’s just mother nature doing what mother nature does best.

How Bees Communicate

Bees produce something called pheromones which help them communicate and function as a community. There are a variety of different pheromones which help the bees communicate about a variety of different things. Some pheromones help them find food or water. Some tell them when it’s time to defend their queen or their home. And some pheromones simply help them find their way back home. You can think of pheromones kind of similarly to a scent but only the bees can smell it. It will also draw other bees to that same location for years. If the original bees are not present to defend their home, the new bees may take up residence. So, even after the bee hive has been removed or eliminated the pheromone is still there attracting any new bees that travel close in the future. Honeycomb removal helps with this problem.

When bee colonies out grow their available space, a new queen will be produced. She’ll take some workers and drones and head out to start her own bee colony. Since it is very common for the new queen bees from a given colony to use the same basic flight paths year after year, it is likely that you will have a new bee hive every year or so in that location. There is a bio-cleaner available that helps break the pheromone down. It helps but is not 100% effective. We highly recommend sealing the area off to guard against future infestations. Our AZDA Licensed Bee Control Pros can handle all of your bee control needs.

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