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Information about Bed Bugs & Bed Bug Extermination Services in Metro Phoenix Arizona

Bed Bugs Surprise AZBed Bugs have become a huge problem over the past 10 years or so throughout the country including Glendale, Surprise and everywhere in the Phoenix AZ area. If fact, Bed Bugs can be found anywhere you may have the occasion to travel to on this Earth. It’s so easy to pick them up somewhere and transport them to your next destination. They hide in clothing, furniture, luggage and just about anywhere else they can access a nice safe place. Then they can go up to a couple of months before feeding – just hiding and waiting for a chance to sneak up on you while you sleep. Once in your home, they will make any dark, safe spot home, such as:

  1. Electrical outlets
  2. Behind baseboards
  3. In the stitching of your mattress and box spring
  4. Inside of hollow furniture legs
  5. In dressers and other furniture
  6. In picture frames
  7. In telephones and other electronic equipment
  8. Under carpeting or loose flooring
  9. Headboards
  10. Pillows
  11. Wall voids
  12. Light fixtures
  13. Drapes or window coverings

It doesn’t matter if it’s a 5-star hotel or a crack house. Homes, apartments, shelters, buses, trains, cars & trucks, movie theaters, hospitals, offices – anywhere that humans sleep or rest. Cleanliness has little to do with it and a basic pest control service isn’t much of a deterrent. Bed bugs just live a life style that protects them from things that can effect other critters. One thing is pretty consistent: they are almost always found close to where we sleep and/or rest. So if you think that you may be developing a bed Bug problem, that’s where you wanna start looking.

Bed Bug Bites have not been shown to transmit any disease to humans and they are basically harmless. They can become a problem, like any trauma to your body, if they aren’t kept clean, if there are too many of them or if you scratch them too much. Often, Bed Bug Bites don’t show up for a couple of days afterwards. Bed Bugs are virtually undetectable when feeding and the bites don’t hurt so you may not know you’ve been bitten until swelling and discoloration occur. As with most critter bites or stings, there is a percentage of the population that exhibit allergic reactions to bed Bug bites. If so, medical attention should be sought.

Bed Bugs are not a pest problem that should be tackled by an amateur. It takes an eye for detail and some knowledge and experience to stop a real bed bug infestation in it’s tracks. I feel that Bed Bug Heat Treatment as an overall solution has come a long ways and should be strongly considered. The lack of, or at least reduction of, pesticide usage is a huge plus since you’re dealing with people’s beds and living/sleeping areas. I also like the mattress covers that are made specifically for Bed Bug extermination and prevention. i really recommend calling a professional when dealing with Bed Bugs. We recommend Pest Control Surprise AZ. They travel everywhere throughout the north and west areas of the valley and do a tremendous job. And they guarantee their Bed Bug Heat Treatment or we wouldn’t be able to recommend them. Check out their website HERE or call them at: 623-226-7555 for a free quote. And ask for the Goldshot Discount, too!

They service most of the Phoenix area including: Anthem AZ, Avondale AZ, Buckeye AZ, El Mirage AZ, Glendale AZ, Goodyear AZ, Laveen AZ, Litchfield Park AZ, Peoria AZ, Phoenix AZ, and Sun City AZ. Of course they also serve Sun City West AZ, Surprise AZ, Tolleson AZ, Waddell AZ, Wittmann AZ, Youngtown AZ and nearby.

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