Are coyotes aggressive or dangerous to humans?

Are Coyotes Dangerous

Coyotes Pop Up Just About Everywhere

For the most part – no. There’s only been 2 recorded instances of a human being killed by coyotes. Almost all human injuries attributed to coyotes are the result of the animal being cornered or handled – neither of which is a good idea. Like most any species of wildlife, they will absolutely do what they have to do to defend themselves, including biting. Since they carry and transmit rabies via either a bite or even just a scratch, it’s best to just leave them alone. Rabies is a fast moving illness that will present itself like a flu at first. Then the infected person may start noticing other symptoms such as nervousness and anxiety, paralysis, shakes and tremors, excessive salivation and drooling along with other fun things. Anyone who suffers from a coyote bite should seek medical attention immediately if not sooner. Coyotes can also harbor these awesome things:

  • canine distemper
  • canine hepatitis
  • fleas
  • ticks
  • other parasites
  • tularemia

Coyotes do provide free rodent & critter control as they’ll eat just about anything with fur or feathers on it, so that can be good thing. They like fish, too, so if you have a coi pond they may do a bit of fishing at your place. Of course, they’ll also eat small pets and will take a free meal of any kind if available. They can climb block walls and are excellent hunters – really just the ultimate survivor. They live throughout the state of Arizona and can be found both out in the wild and right in the middle of cities like Surprise, Mesa, Glendale, Anthem, Phoenix, Chandler, Scottsdale, Peoria, etc.

The bottom line is, just stay away from coyotes, keep your small children (why take a chance?) and pets safe, and secure your trash and you’ll probably be good to go. Happy hunting!

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