If I only see an occasional ant in my kitchen
do I have an ant problem?

Ants live in colonies with many – sometimes many thousands – of members. They send out ‘scouts’ to search for food and water sources in the area of the colony. Of course an ant’s diet is much broader than most of ours. For instance, ants will eat things like dead animals, trash and bird poop. Yum…..

If you see one or two ants on the kitchen or bathroom counter the best thing to do is to remove them. Don’t squash them as they will release a pheromone that may attract other ants. And don’t let them return home because they would leave a different sort of pheromone trail that would indicate where the food and/or water were found. Next thing you know that one or two ants becomes dozens and you have an ant problem.

If you do see scout ants tell your pest control technician. The placement of a gel bait that is labeled for that species of ant may be appropriate – even if you’re not seeing any more ants. And if you find them in the bottom of your bowl of cereal don’t stress too much. They’re high in protein:)

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